We guide Executors and Administrators through successful probate proceedings.

Probate is the court-supervised process that governs the management and distribution of property of someone that died without a will or with a will but with property that was not held in a trust. Our probate attorneys help individuals become appointed by the court as Executors and Administrators and guide them through the probate process, which includes:

  • Preparation and filing of a petition for probate and subsequent court documents

  • Gathering and inventorying assets

  • Providing required notification to beneficiaries and creditors

  • Paying debts of the estate and taxes

  • Distributing property pursuant to the probate court’s direction and approval

The probate process can be complex depending on factors including the nature and location of the deceased's assets.  However, California law currently permits estates under $150,000 to be settled outside of the formal probate court process in most circumstances.  For estates that exceed $150,000, and sometimes for various reasons for estates that are less than $150,000, a formal probate is required. Our firm handles probate proceedings anywhere in California, and adheres to the statutory compensation guidelines in the California Probate Code, which establish fees structures according to a percentage of the value of the estate.